Foodies love this Newark neighborhood, but its toxic legacy makes it particularly hazardous for people with a disability.
A new report estimates that the number of people with a disability across the globe has risen and has thus made the name of this newsletter out of date.
Wrapping up 2022 with a look back and ahead
How Montclair State University's George Segal Gallery is using audio description to make art more accessible
Ten-years after the superstorm, people with disabilities are still at greater risk from severe weather and climate change.
Training helps keep kids safe. But, when it comes to protecting disabled students, NJ teachers require a different skill set.
Despite the #inflation rate's recent decline, the cost of putting food on the table is still too high for many in #NJ's disabled community. The latest…
Despite an ADA ruling, not all visually impaired people want intersections to speak to them.
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