The Lens15 newsletter looks at the news with a focus on disability and accessibility. It's written by Jason Strother, a New Jersey based multimedia journalist whose reporting on these concerns is informed by his own experience having a low vision impairment. In 2022, Jason launched Lens15 Media, a news agency and consultancy that produces accessible, multi media content for nonprofit and independently owned news outlets and advises journalists on best practices for reporting on people with disabilities- a diverse community that accounts for15% of the worlds population.

In this monthly newsletter, subscribers will find analysis on issues that concern people with disabilities in New Jersey and beyond. There will also be a curated List of links two other related news stories, resources and events in and around the state.

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Looking at the news through the lens of accessibility And how it impacts the 15% of the worlds populationWho have a disability.


Jason Strother

Jason is a multimedia journalist covering disability issues around the world.